Werd of Mouph - Show da World.
This is a track I heard when living in Johannesburg, alone and looking for music one night in my apartment. Little did I expect to find something that hit me as hard as this song has. If there is any song that has promped feel good reminiscing that can still make me feel lonely and happy at the same time, then this is it.

A Team - We Like Breakbeats
This was the first ever record I purchased after getting my turntables. Technically I bought this and "Jump up Touch Down" which was a Drum and Bass compliation but this was the first one I played. I wasnt completely ready for proper underground hip hop at the time, but this tracks beat is simple and soulful and it dragged me in. I dont have a copy of this electronically, just 3 copies of it on record, and everytime I get it out I enjoy hearing the needle hit the record.

Nick Rosen - Ancestral Echoes
I first heard this on a Gilles Peterson BBC 1 show which I downloaded before a flight, and must have manually rewinded it to the start at least 6 times. It just blew me away. When I finally got home to LA, I had this thing on repeat while I unpacked 2 full size suit cases after a 9 week trip to Africa and still hadn't got enough of it.

Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream
In 2002 as an 18 year old finding my way in the world of music I was watching an ABC documentary box set with my room mate Heazry, and a mutual friend from Chicago, Thor, rolled in. He asked us where the Monk was at, and I had no idea what he was talking about. After watching the maybe 10 minute long cut on Monk, I was hooked. Maybe it was the hat, the way he kicked his legs as he played piano in a mathematically and unpredictable way, but he captured me then and there and has remained by far the Jazz artist I go to. I have vintage Monk concert art on the walls of my office bathroom at home, so he is a very important piece of my puzzle. A wise old sage.

RAMP - Come into Knowledge (Full Record)
I dont remember when I picked this record up, but the full extent of RAMP was not known to me at the time. Roy Ayer's is somebody I have loved for a long time, and even though he was not a member of the group, he was instrumental in writing and producing songs for RAMP. I didnt even realise until later that Daylight was the track used to make the beats for Bonita Applebum.

A Tribe Called Question - The Hop
This record got me through one of the longest trips I have ever done, and I genuinely believe had it not been for this record I would have come out of Ghana a more miserable person. I played this on repeat, not just The Hop, but the whole album, but it was this track that kept me level and kept me thinking of what I was going home to and how good my life was. This track visually takes me back to villages in Takoradi/Wassa/Bogoso and driving along the Ghanaian coast line while looking at Portugese castles and incredible beaches, while of course sipping on a Star Lager.

INI/Pete Rock - Step Up
My boy Sweeney and I used to get down to Pete Rock on the regular. This was an album that you just couldnt get enough of, no matter how many times it was repeated, and mixing it for me didnt do it any justice. I had this on record, and still do, but I cant remember mixing any of these tracks except for maybe Sucka MCs.

Jon Cutler - It's Yours
Some time back in 2001 when I was still listening to track on a tape in my car, I heard this on an international radio show and did everything I could to find out about it. Once I get the name, I went straight to Mills Records in Fremantle, West Australia and had Timmy Mac order this right in for me on record. After getting a phone call and jetting into the shop, I recorded this onto tape, and proceeded to play this flat out any time I was in the car. I now have a framed copy of it in my house and still cant get enough of it.

LTJ Bukem - Inner Guidance
This was the first Drum and Bass Artist LP I bought, after Jump up Touch down the Various Artist LP. I was sucked in by the cover art, and played it on the PDX-2000 at Mills in Fremantle, and it took me to another place. Funnily enough there are 3 tracks on the album I love and none of them are even drum and bass. Sunrain and Feel What you Feel being the other 2. Sweeney has always told me not to play Bukem with him because it makes him feel lonely, I think that is just down to a realisation that we had some amazing times from 16 and onwards and its hard to know that we cant go back. This man is incredible live as well, just mindblowing with or without MC Conrad. This was sampled from Nick Ingman, and you can listen to the original here.